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5 Ways To Achieve A Clearer Mind

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The world has been going through a lot of changes lately and not being able to go out and explore has put a strain on the minds of many people around the world.

Throughout lockdown and now even during stage three, it can be very stressful and anxiety-provoking to leave the house and do your daily tasks. But, there are ways to achieve a clear mind in this mess of a place we call home.

Listen To Your Favourite Music:

Many studies show that listening to your favourite songs help you to feel more calm and happy. For example, listening to fast-paced music can make you feel more alert and more concentrated whereas listening to slower-paced songs can help you feel more relaxed and stress-free. Find what kind of music makes you feel the best, this is usually your favourite songs, triggering those happy hormones within the body to make you feel more light-hearted and think more clearly.

Deep Breathing, The 4-7-8 Method:

This involves breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8 seconds. This technique is used in many therapies for those dealing with anxiety, OCD and depression. This type of rhythmic breathing is calming and helps to clear and focus the mind.

Go Outside:

Although many of us were or are still stuck in lockdown, this didn't prevent us from enjoying nature and exploring the outdoors. Being outside and getting fresh air is very therapeutic. Getting your heart rate up and being visually stimulated helps your mind focus on one thing, breathing. This helps to clear your mind and work on your breathing techniques.


This is such an effective tool for clearing your mind. Your journal acts as a massive brain dump, anything that is on your mind you can get out onto paper and out of your head. Practicing journaling prioritizes your thoughts: what's important, what's not important, what you holding on to, what needs to be let go, and so on and so forth. Knowing this clears your mind.


Spending the time to take care of yourself and do the things you love is so important. This may not seem like a mind-clearing technique but when you feel better you think clearer. Learning to prioritize your thoughts will eventually lead to keeping a clearer mind. Doing the things you love, whether it is doing a puzzle, taking a long shower, washing your face, or cleaning your space, this all contributes to internal happiness leading to clearer thinking.

It takes effort to keep a clear mind which sounds counterproductive. Saying you have to do more to think less somehow sounds insane but it's truly the best way to achieve this end goal. Working on yourself, your health, and your thoughts not only helps you achieve a clearer mind but contributes to your overall well-being. Putting the time in now to effectively gain positive habits will save you in the long run. Most of these techniques will just become routine and routine is the number one way to achieve the clear mind you so wish to have.

To keep a clearer mind working from home follow these tips outlined here: https://bit.ly/2Uy9iFK

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