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How To Stay Productive Working From Home

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

During this difficult time of COVID-19, many people are working from home and self-isolating. If you're like me and need to leave the house or be in a different space to be productive, working from home can be quite hard.

I've been home now for two weeks working away but still struggle to completely dedicate myself to my work for 8.5 hours a day. Over the two weeks, I have come up with some strategies to help me stay motivated and on task.

1. Have a Separate Workspace Don't work from bed or from the couch. Set up a separate work station, whether that be at the kitchen counter or table or at your desk. Create a clean working surface that doesn't have too much clutter, a clean desk is a clean working mind.

Having a separate workspace from where you relax and hang out off work helps to separate that line between home and work. You will find that it will be easier to work when you have your own work environment set up.

I have my desk in a separate room set up how I had it at work, this helps me concentrate more easily and separate the line between home and work.

2. Take Frequent Breaks

At work you are likely to be taking frequent breaks, talking to colleagues, getting up for a stretch, for a coffee or to use the photocopier. Take the same amount of breaks while working from home. Don't overwork yourself because there is no one to talk to in person while working from home. Get p and stretch, walk around the house, watch a short YouTube video.

I like to take frequent breaks and walk around the house to get some steps in. I also take my half-hour lunch break as I would at work. Sometimes taking a 5-minute break getting up and checking your phone is all you need to stay motivated throughout the day.

3. Meal Prep

You may be thinking why should I meal prep when I am home an can cook. Well, cooking while you are working from home doesn't help to separate the line between "I am at work time" and "I am at home time". It also takes away from work you should be doing as cooking takes longer to do. Meal prep your lunches so you can enjoy your lunch break, eat, relax and get back to work as if you were working back in your office.

I either make larger dinners to have leftovers for lunch or I meal prep on the weekend my lunches for the week to make this easier for me.

4. Write in Agendas/Journals

Start your day off by writing down all the tasks you need to get down throughout the day. Keep your agenda and journals close to you while you work so you can check off each completed task.

I find myself being more productive when I keep lists nearby. I feel accomplished when I'm able to cross off a completed task. I also feel way more motivated knowing that I have things to work on and i work towards being able to cross them out because it feels good.

Remember to keep on top of your self-care routines or try to adopt one during this difficult time. Working from home isn't the easiest thing to do and many of us forgot to take care of ourselves whether it be working in an office or working at home.

Working from home can be tough and there is a lot of distraction by trying the above should help to make it feel like your at work during work hours.

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