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March Favourites

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Lately, I have been really into beauty and skincare products. The Month of March has been a reflective yet thoughtful one. I have been exploring more with products, taking the time to do my skincare routine fully and trying to find who I am when it comes to makeup and beauty.

All of my skincare and beauty products come from the drugstore or Winners and are very affordable and efficient in use. My full skincare routine consists of many different products but lately, I have been loving toner and lip scrubs. The Toner I have been using is The Ordinary company and works so well! I have gone through so many different types of toners, one's that are all-natural to dermatologist prescribed yet this one is the one that works the best. It leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth and helps eliminate those pesky blemishes. In terms of lip scrubs, I have made a lip scrub from things I have at home that I am absolutely obsessed with. My lip scrub is made out of sugar, brown sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract and a couple of drops of essential oil. I use this about 2-3 times a week then put vaseline over it. My lips have never felt softer! it's actually insane how soft they are.

My next favorite beauty product is my dry shampoo. I have never used dry shampoo before but then I started going to the gym and thought it would be a good idea to invest in some for days that I am running late and don't have time to wash my hair. Let me tell you, this dry shampoo by CO LAB smells amazing and leaves my hair refreshed and looking great. I honestly did not that dry shampoo worked but it honestly does and it's a lifesaver.

Next up are some of my favourite beauty and makeup products from this month! This is the most exciting part since I am starting to fall back in love with wearing makeup and trying out new things like different lip colours etc. I came across this brand in Shoppers Essence which now has a makeup line which is actually really good. I am obsessed with their Salut Paris palette and their new matte lipstick, these are my two go-to products when I want some lip colour and eyeshadow. Next is probably the best thing I have invested in so far which is tinted moisturizer by Sephora. I've never actually used tinted moisturizer until lately and what a difference it makes, I can cover up those small blemishes and still look like I'm not wearing a lot of makeup and it also feels much lighter and softer than foundation. The next product is mascara! If I had to choose one product to use and only one it would definitely be mascara. I have been loving the Lash Blas Active by Covergirl mascara. Covergirl has actually been my go-to mascara for a very long time, probably since some time in high school after they discontinued my favourite hard candy mascara, rest in peace. The last and probably most important product to mention here is my sunblock. Although I am not going out much these days, I still like to use a natural sunblock to top off my skincare and makeup routine. The sunblock by Z Skin makes my skin feel soft and gives it protection from the sun.

That is all for my March favourites. Let me know if you end up trying any of the products mentions above! I honestly have been using these products for over a month so it's more like my favourites in general but I plan on doing something like this each month! Check out my post on some of the all-natural and organic products I have been using over the last couple of months here.

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