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My Experience With Hot Sleeping

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Are you a hot sleeper? Do you wake up hot, sweaty and annoyed? Well, I'm right there with you and it's not fun.

I never used to be a hot sleeper until recently. I was able to go to sleep, wake up and feel refreshed. It was so nice falling asleep super snug and warm with no issues. So, I couldn't understand why all of a sudden I was getting very hot at night and waking up sweaty. I was going through everything that had changed in the last couple of months in my head. Well, it could be a side effect from my recent change in medication, it could be my weighted blanket, although I been using that for almost a year now, I couldn't understand why. That is until I wrote an article for my job on sleeping hot.

Many people sleep hot and coin themselves as hot sleepers, but what exactly is sleeping hot? When you're getting ready for bed and your body releases melatonin, your body temperature drops as you sleep. In order for your body to maintain a cool temperature to help you sleep well, the heat escapes your body. Now, for a lot of people, they have no issues with this, their heat escapes through their body, through their blanket and mattress and they are able to maintain cool body temperature but for others, something goes wrong. For the most part, people sleep hot due to poor design. The poor design that effects hot sleepers includes bedsheets, mattresses, and comforters, possibly even pillows. Your body heat gets trapped in the material, preventing you from cooling and therefore making you sleep hot.

So, after learning about what causes hot sleeping I went back to my list of things that changed the last couple of months and to my surprise, I figured out what exactly was causing this change in my sleeping. My boyfriend and I recently bought a new mattress. We bought a memory foam mattress which is very comfortable and soft but after doing research, is not very breathable. Memory foam isn't the best for hot sleepers because it traps heat instead of releasing it. This is also the same for the smell. Since we got this new mattress I have been waking up sweaty and uncomfortable and so confused as to why all of a sudden I'm waking up hot. It all comes down to the design of our new mattress. Not only do we sleep on a memory foam mattress but I also sleep with a weighted blanket and so there really is nowhere for my body heat to escape during the night. It gets trapped in the mattress which is dense and not breathable so tries to escape through the blanket. If you sleep with a weighted blanket and are familiar with them, you know they are heavy and thick meaning there not very breathable. So, my body heat is getting trapped in two places causing me to wake up and sleep hot.

It's great finding out why and how. Why I'm sleeping hot and how this occurs but now I face the challenge of figuring out how to fix this. We can't return the mattress since we've had it for months now, plus there really isn't anything wrong with it, it's comfortable and my boyfriend loves it. I've slept with my weighted blanket for close to a year now but it seems to be an easy switch to see if I can sleep cooler throughout the night.

Switching from a weighted blanket to a regular bed sheet is a very weird feeling but to my surprise, it has helped a bit. I don't wake up as hot and sweaty but I still do wake up hot and sweaty from time to time. So what do I do next, I take to the internet and read about hot sleeping and what read about what I should do. Because so many people have these issues there are tones of products out on the market to help us hot sleepers get through the night, the only roadblock is the price tag. Every website I came across with cooling and breathable sheets, the price tag was insane. There's bamboo sheets, eucalyptus sheets, NASA breathable material sheets, there are so many products but expensive products out on the market.

The one product that did catch my attention was the eucalyptus bed sheets and comforter. The material is very light yet comfortable allowing your body heat to escape through the sheets and still being able to keep you at a comfortable temperature through the night. This is something that I would really like to test out but it would involve me saving and putting money aside. For now, I'm going to stick with a thin bed sheet and blanket to minimize the sauna feeling.

Do you sleep hot? What do you do to help keep yourself cool and comfortable throughout the night?

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