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Top 3 Self-Care Tips For When You're At Work

Updated: Feb 20

Self-care is a major part of wellness and living a mindful lifestyle but it is also important for your mental health. Work can be stressful, fast-paced and draining but practicing self-care at work can help reduce levels of stress and anxiety throughout the workday. Next time you're at work try these self-care activities and see if it helps you relax more at work.

1. Get up every hour to stretch or walk around a bit

Staying active and taking breaks is key for self-care. Moving your body around every hour will give your mind and body a nice break from whichever task or tasks you are tackling. Exercise facilitates better physical health and helps you emotionally and mentally due to the release of endorphins. You can walk around your office building or go outside for a short walk when you feel stressed out or anxious.

2. Keep a journal

journaling is key to wellness. Keeping a separate journal from your work ideas or agenda will allow you to write freely any negative thoughts that arise throughout the day. This will act as a nice release of those stressful thoughts circling around your brain about work. Writing in a journal at work will also allow you to identify any triggers for you to work on.

3. Drink lots of water

Drinking water is so important. Staying hydrated throughout the day helps regulate your body temperature, remove toxins through perspiration and regulate bowel movements. It is also important for lubricating joints and protecting the brain. Refilling your water bottle or glass will also help you get up and get those steps in.

Take care of yourself at work. You spend most of the waking hours of your day at work so make sure its a place that provides a positive environment for you to grow and maintain your mental and physical health.

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