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What it's Really Like To Be A Beginner Streamer On Twitch

Twitch is a platform that allows content creators and individuals to stream games, cooking, music and so much more. It’s more than just a streaming platform, it's a community of individuals that share the same interests and lingo and creates a great opportunity to meet new friends. Why I Started Streaming… I started watching Twitch back in high school, so around 2013. Before Twitch, I was watching things like Cow Chop and Game Grumps on YouTube until my brother introduced me to Sodapoppin on Twitch. What a game-changer that was for me. I still remember the first-ever stream I watched of TimTheTatman back when he only had 1,000-2,000 views a stream. Oh, those were the good ole days. But, ever since I started to watch Twitch I had this thought of what if I started to stream; of course, I never did because I was pretty bad at video games at the time and I had zero means of actually streaming. Let’s take it to my University days now. During University, I actually created my own Twitch profile, did my own cover art and bio and everything because I decided, no more thinking about streaming, we are going to do it, and guess what? I didn’t. I just did not have the confidence to do it, unfortunately. I’ve always wanted to stream because I wanted a sense of community, to talk to people while I played games. My favorite thing was to have someone watch me play and to be able to talk through what I am doing with them, and also that way I was not struggling on my own if I hit a rough part in whichever game I was playing; I’d have help. I wanted to stream because I loved watching other people play and truly believed that I could be one of those people. So let's take a look at 2020. Oh, what a strange year. But because it was such a challenging year, and I needed an outlet, something to keep myself busy and in the creative flow, I started to stream. I really did it, and I'm happy that I did. How I Stream on Twitch From My PS4 Remember how I mentioned I did not have the means to start streaming, well I still don’t really do, but I’m making it work. I stream from my PS4, it’s very simple to do. You just hit the share button on your controller, click broadcasting and you have two options from there, to stream on Twitch or to stream on YouTube, and there you go, you’re now able to stream. What I am lacking though, is a good mic, a camera, and all those cool things OBS gives you to be a cool guy streamer. Oh, I wish I could use OBS, but I just cannot afford it right now. What’s It’s Like Streaming I have now been streaming for a couple months and honestly, I average about 2 viewers a stream. It’s just me talking to myself for hours at a time and sometimes receiving some comments back on Twitch chat which always surprises me. In fact, while playing A Plague’s Tale: Innocence, I had someone in my chat talk me through two very difficult parts in the game, my mind was truly blown. This is why I started streaming, so I can have a community of my own, to talk to people while I play games. But, it’s extremely hard starting out, you truly only talk to yourself and try your best not to rage on stream when you hit a rough spot in a game. How To Boost Your Views Something I learned through a couple of months of streaming is that Instagram and social media, in general, is key in helping you receive views and followers. Without Instagram, I don’t think I would get 2-3 views a stream, and I definitely would not have been able to gain 30 followers as I have in the past couple of months. Utilize social media and create your own community on there and then transition into starting to stream, this is the best way and probably one of the only ways to do it now that Twitch and even YouTube are so saturated. With that being said, being a great gamer with a great personality also helps tremendously. Check out my Twitch Channel and follow all things Killantro on social media to gain more insights into what it’s like being a beginner Twitch streamer.

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