• Lyndsie Lou

When I Decided To Not Wash My Hands That One Time

My OCD takes on various faces. It comes and goes with time but one thing has been pretty consistent over the past couple years, which is handwashing and cleanliness. It's a constant fight of telling myself it's fine, I don't need to wash my hands, they're not dirty, I didn't do anything and so on and so forth.

Normally, I would give in to these thoughts because I either did not want to get sick or die or get someone else sick, etc. But one day I decided you know what? Heck this! I'm not giving in, I will suffer all day being worried and anxious but at the end of the day, it will be fine. And well, it ended up being fine but boy oh boy was it the hardest day ever.

When I get anxious I sweat absolute buckets and my heart races a mile a minute. That was what happened all day. Not only was I have the physical symptoms but I was having the mental symptoms as well. My mind was spiraling, going a mile a minute on what could happen and how awful of a person I am and I should just give in. But I told myself no, no I will not because this is so dumb, which is a common thing I tell myself during this time, "this is so dumb".

Although it was such a hard day, it got better and waking up the next day it hardly bothered me. Sometimes its the hardest thing to not give in to your OCD triggers and sometimes its a bit easier. This truly was very hard but keeping at it will make it much easier and writing your thoughts down and drawing out the situation can help you see that you know what, it's going to be okay it really isn't that bad after all. But this takes a lot of time and is not easy. I'm still working on it.

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