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When I Decided to Switch to All Natural Products - Part One

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The day I decided to switch the products I use from chemical, everyday cleaning, skin care, mouth care products to natural and organic products was probably the best day ever. Now, the transition into these products were definitely not easy. I did't want to waste any of the products I owned so, the transition was slow, replacing products that ran out with new natural one's to test.

Let me tell you, I have been lucky with the products I have chosen for the first round of testing. Most of them I adore and use every day or every time I clean. There are 4 main areas in my life in which I have transitioned into natural products.

Part One:

1. Skin Care

2. Mouth Care

Part Two:

3. Cleaning Products

4. Shower Essentials

In part one of this series, i'll be talking about my transition to natural skin and mouth care products. A lot of the products that I have listed below I am still currently using and testing.

Skin Care

In University, I used a mixed of natural and medical skin care products. I tried almost everything to get ride of my cystic acne. I would spot treatment with pure tea tree oil but use a medical cleanser my dermatologist gave me. My skin went into shock. I was left with only one choice, which was to go on Eupuris to clear my acne. Although I don't regret my decision going on Eupuris, I do wish I tried to sort it out with all natural products for just a little longer. Now, a couple years later, I still get a couple bumps here or there, especially getting closer to that time of month, let me tell you, it is not fun. So, I decided, hey, let me just do it, let's try all natural products, and so, I did. It was't too hard of a transition because I had been using a mix of products over the last couple years so I had an understanding of what natural ingredients I liked. Now that I have switched over all my products, my face feels much smoother, more hydrated, and overall has less bumps when it comes to that time of month or, at least they don't stay on my face for more than a couple days.

Products: Andalou, Organic Cosmetics, Sukin, Z Skin, Lush, Lanoline.

Mouth Care

This was one of the harder transitions and to be honest I'm still trying to figure out which brands and methods work best for me. There are so many products on the market it's hard to try all without wasting any product I already own. I've always wanted to try natural toothpaste but I heard so many mixed reviews that I was defiantly hesitant to try it out. Now, having used natural tooth paste for 4 months and testing out two different techniques, I will not be switching back any time soon. It was certainly weird not having my toothpaste foam with a strong taste but I got over that pretty quickly, now it's hard to use a regular toothpaste that foams. This part of switching over took a bit more research, looking into charcoal toothpaste and if there were any natural mouth washes available on the market in Canada. I tested out charcoal toothpaste for about 1.5 months and found that I did not like it. It also left my sink in a mess, having to clean every morning and night. However, I have found a great Canadian and local brand of toothpaste that I absolutely adore. It leaves my mouth feeling so clean and fresh, i'm obsessed. In terms of mouthwash, I have found a great and credible brand with so many flavours, I'm currently testing my second flavour now and it's pretty great!

Products: JASON, The Green Beaver Company

In Part two, i'll be talking about the cleaning products I've adopted over the last couple months and my shower essential, which is my personal favourite.

Have you tried switching over to natural products? Let me know how it went and which products you use.

Lyndsie Lou

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